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-With any brow treatment, you will get a better result if you have about 2 weeks growth to start with.


-A patch test is required by law 24 hours before any tinting treatments.


-After waxing, your brows can sometimes feel slightly itchy but avoid toucing them for the rest of the day to let them recover.


-Tinting can sometimes leave a slight stain on your skin the day of the treatment but it will fade once you've cleansed your face.


-A patch test is required before the application of tint.


-There is absolutley no maintainence needed for a lash lift & tint, make-up, oils and creams can be applied.


-Avoid wearing make up on your eyes at the time of your treatment as it can cause a barrier for tint & glue.


-If you've had lash extensions or a lash lift avoid getting them wet for 12 hours after application.


-With party lashes, the less you touch them - the better.  Oil from your finger tips can lift the glue.


-No make up should be needed as most lash enhancements are already black and mascara can tangle your lashes.


-Avoid any oil based cleanser or eye make up remover when wearing lash enhacements.


-To remove Party Lashes at home, generously apply some oil based eye make up remover to some cotton wool pads. Lay with the pads over your eyes for 10 minutes and then gently rub them downwards over your lashes until they slide off.

-Classic Lashes are individual extensions for each of your natural lashes. It is a 1:1 technique where a single lash extension is applied to each natural lash giving extra length and thickness.


-3D Semi-Permanent lashes give a super volume effect. It is a 3:1 technique where a handmade fan of 3 lash extensions is applied to each natural lash giving 3x the fullness of classic lashes.


-Hybrid lashes are a mixture of the 1:1 classics and the 3:1 volume fans, they create a fuller look while still being natural enough for everyday wear.


-A full set of lash extensions (Classics, Hybrids or 3D Volume) takes around 2 hours.


-A glue test is required before the application of Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions.


-Arrive at all lash appointments with squeaky clean lashes (including bottom lashes & eyeshadow) as make up causes a barrier for glue.


-Touch them as little as possible with your fingers, oil from your finger tips can be transferred onto your lashes which lifts the glue. This means no picking or pulling at your lashes!


-Semi-Permanent lashes need to be combed at least twice daily & every time you get them wet. You will receive a little comb with your treatment.


-Minimal water based mascara can be used on the very tips of the classic lashes. Other mascaras contain oil and other ingredients which will lift the glue & tangle your lashes. No mascara at all can be used on Hybrid or Volume lashes as it closes the fans.


-Don't use eyeliner right next to your lash line - try using a dark eye shadow on a small make up brush instead as that can be removed easier when you wash your lashes.


-Your lashes need to be properly washed EVERY DAY to remove any dirt or make up trapped in-between them. Use a very gentle soap like baby shampoo and your lash spoolie or a soft, clean make up brush. do not use cotton wool.


-When you get out of the shower or bath, try gently blow drying your lashes upwards with the hair dryer on a cool setting. This helps to keep them fluffy.


-Things like super hot baths or showers, heat from the hob or oven, sunbeds & smoking can result in your lashes losing their curl, making them appear shorter and flatter.


-Try not to sleep on your face to avoid tangling your lashes. If you are a face sleeper, invest in a silk pillowcase - your lashes will glide over the fabric instead of getting caught and picking up dust & fibres.


-To keep lashes looking perfect, have them infilled at least once every 3 weeks.


-Do not apply strip lashes over the top of any semi-permanent lashes as the glue will tangle your lashes and you will not be able to have an infill.


-You absolutely MUST have your lashes removed by a professional. Do not pick them, pull them or rub them off!

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