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Ear Piercing

-I use a specially designed cartilage piercing gun to pierce all of the outer ear including lobes and upper cartilage & I have a selection of different coloured studs in gold, silver or sparkly stones.


-I will only pierce children’s ears if it is their decision and they can fully understand the procedure & aftercare.


-The day of your piercing, your ears may feel a little bit hot & swollen & can appear red.


-To reduce the risk of your piercing becoming infected, good hygiene is important. If your redness or swelling doesn't subside after one week, do not remove the earring & please visit your doctor.


-Your new piercing cannot be removed for a few weeks as they heal. Leave lobes in for at least 6 weeks and cartilage for at least 12 weeks before changing your earrings.


-Apply your aftercare solution to your new piercing at least 2 times a day and every time they get wet.


-Do not twist your earrings at all during the healing period.