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-I have a huge selection of colours and decorations for all your naily needs including gel polish and tips if extra length is required.


-Gel polish is dry straight away but it isn't indestructable so try wearing gloves when doing any gardening or house work.


-If you are having you nails painted with regular polish, it needs pleanty of time to dry so if you're having your toes done - bring some open toed shoes and remember not to do anything too fancy with your fingers for the rest of the day.


-If you have any nail enhancments on already, please mention it when making your appointment so I can allow removal time.


-Applying cuticle oil helps keep your nails healthy even under Gel Polish


If you'd like to remove your Gel Polish at home, you need 100% pure acetone. Generously apply it to some cotton wool pads and wrap them tightly to your finger nails with strips of foil. Leave them for 10 minutes before gently pushing off the gel with a cuticle pusher or a wood stick. Then buff them with the soft side of a nail file to remove any excess. Apply cuticle oil to re-hydrate your nails.



My home made Self Soak Off Kits are available on request in salon with all the tools you'll need to soak off your Gel Nails, enough to remove 2 sets of Gel Polish


22x Foil Pieces

22x Cotton Pads

1x Large Bottle of Acetone

1x Wooden Pusher

1x Soft Buffer

1x Nail File

1x Pot of Hand Cream

Plus a helpful step by step instruction sheet.


Single bottles of Acetone are also available.

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