Spray Tanning

Spray Tans take about 20 minutes and last about one to two weeks.


You can choose from Light, Medium or Dark.


Exfoliate & moisturise your whole body the morning of your Spray Tan to get rid of any dry patches of skin, especially elbows, knees & ankles.


Wear lose clothes and shoes to avoid any tan being rubbed off & try to avoid wearing perfume or deoderant to your appointment as it reacts with the solution but I do have wipes just incase you forget!


It takes around 5 minutes to apply then I'll leave you to get dry for 10 minutes, allow yourself around 20 minutes in total.


When popping your things back on, some Tan may transfer onto your clothes but it does come out in the wash.


I use an express tanning solution that can be rinsed just 1 hour after application. It is not reccomended to leave it on longer than 3 hours.


When you shower, expect alot of residue in the bottom of your shower - don't panic! The solution is coloured to enable me to see where I'm spraying it - it isn't washing off.

Tan Booth

You might look completly tan free after your shower don't worry if you can't see it just yet, it will get darker over the next few hours and will be fully developed after 8-10 hours.


Mosturising your tan will keep you looking beautifully bronzed for longer.