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-The day before your waxing treatments, exfoliate & moisturise the area well to spring out any short or ingrowing hairs and remove any dry skin.


-If you are on any mediction that could possibly sensitise or thin your skin, waxing is not reccomended.


-Wear something lose to allow skin to breath afterwards.


-For intimate & delicate areas I use a specially designed hard wax which is less traumatic to the skin as other wax. I apply it with a spatula then smooth down,  then remove with one speedy flick.


-With larger areas such a legs, back & chest I use a roller system filled with cream wax for fast application reducing your not so enjoyable treatment time.


-Avoid sunbeds, heat treatments, hot baths, perfumed products and overly tight clothing for the rest of the day.


-Sometimes, redness or spots can occour. This is perfectly normal and it will calm down after a few hours. You can apply Tea Tree oil to soothe and help reduce redness.


-If you happen to find any left over sticky patches when you get home, just gently rub it with any kind of cosmetic oil (preferably gentle and perfume free) on some cotton wool.


-At home, you can exfoliate every few days to avoid ingrowing hairs but leave it a few days after your treatment to begin.

For the in experienced bikini wax client, don't be scared! It's not so bad!

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